Dear Writer,

Yes, yes, it’s true. I edit others’ writing for fun. It’s a sick addiction of mine, going through others’ first drafts and pulling them apart piece by piece. Someone I worked with once said to me, “You’re such a good editor! I swear I will kidnap you and put you in my pocket.” And although I’m busy and tired and exhausted, I’ve found that editing is one of the most important things one can do as a writer, and having one’s work edited by new, fresh eyes is one of the things a writer needs most.

I do micro- and macro- edits for short stories, along with macro- edits for novels and other manuscripts totaling >25,000 words. It’s completely free, so if you send me a request via my request page, we can work out how to get you precisely what you need at absolutely no cost. If you are suspicious of my intentions, you may also ask me for a sample of my previous editing work. You should never send me a manuscript without consulting me beforehand, because I cannot guarantee that I will be able to edit it for you. I edit YA/MG fiction, although if you’ve worked with me before I might be willing to look at some other work of yours (such as nonfiction, poetry, etc.).

I mostly do this work for other teenagers who are interested in professional editing but cannot afford a freelance editor. The writing life is a hard one. I’ve helped polish various competition entries and am an editor of a bi-annually published science fiction and fantasy magazine. I’ve also worked with Scholastic Art and Writing regional and national winners, and am more than happy to help out others who are working on their submissions.

If you are an adult with a YA/MG manuscript, I am still offering you my services at no cost. Why? Because I’m nice, and because even if I didn’t, for all I know you could pretend to be a twelve-year-old and ask me to look at your manuscript. I am an avid (and critical) reader of young adult and middle grade fiction, and there’s absolutely nothing to lose from asking me to take a look at your writing. I may not be the cheerleader you were hoping for, but I will help you make your work better. And if I do help you out, I would be forever grateful if you could write me a testimonial and/or tell your friends about the work I do!

Whenever you’re ready, feel free to submit a request!

Happy writing,

Alouette Kim

P.S. Here is a short rundown on why am the person you want for your manuscript.

If you’re a teen, you will benefit because…

  • I have completed multiple college composition courses and have taken a three week (105 hour) class on dystopian literature, which is one of today’s most popular genres. I have also taken an intensive class on ethical questions that are raised and answered in modern literature.
  • I have spoken personally with some of today’s top fantasy writers on the process of writing and the elements of a story.
  • Many of the people whose work I have critiqued have gone on to win Scholastic Art and Writing awards at the regional and/or national level. A gold key regional award winner hailed me as a “master editor,” praising me for finding “all the things [she] never noticed.”

If you are an adult, you will benefit because…

  • I am a teenager. What any writer wants is for their work to resonate with their audience, and I can help you ensure that your writing resonates with a teenage audience. For MG writers, I cannot give you the perspective of a kid, but I know what a middle grade reader wants; I was one only a few years ago, and my sister is in elementary school. This advice is invaluable, and I am willing to offer it for free.
  • I have editing experience. There are more experienced editors and grammarians out there, but that does not mean that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve taken a series of college composition courses, and I’ve participated in a multitude of invitation-only writing workshops with students years older than me. I have a keen eye for language usage and interaction, which has been aided by a working knowledge of Latin (summa cum laude on the National Latin Exam every year). I’ve taken classes on dystopian literature as well as ethical questions explored in much of today’s young adult literature; I have an extensive repertoire of skills with which to help your story grow.
  • I have spoken with the likes of Holly Black, Delia Sherman, and Ellen Kushner on the process of writing fantasy. I’ve attended lectures by university professors and received one-on-one writing guidance from doctorates and MFAs. I have knowledge that I can apply to your writing to help make it a story that resonates with both children and teens.

2 thoughts on “Editing

  1. Miss Alexandrina

    Would you be too against looking at editing a NA novel where the protagonist is twenty years old? I don’t want to bother you with a request if it’s not something you’d be interested in doing. :)

    • Hiya!
      I’m sorry for the late response~
      Right now, I don’t think I have much to offer for a NA novel both because I’m not much of a reader of NA fiction and the intended audience for the genre is older than me. I’m sorry, and good luck!


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