New Author

Moving outside one’s comfort zone is one of the best ways to learn. This year I hope to read books by 25 new authors. By “new,” I don’t mean “debut.” I mean authors whose works I have not previously read. As I read books by unfamiliar people I will list them below.

 This challenge is hosted by Literary Escapism.

Going Too Far, by Jennifer Echols (finished Jan. 13, 2013). Verdict: Reminded me of Webber’s Easy. Wasn’t worth my time; the story itself was pointless and didn’t make much sense. It lacked any depth or believability, and was just really awful.

Suicide Notes, by Michael Thomas Ford (finished Jan. 13, 2013). Verdict: Holdenesque to an extreme. Sister named Allie who won’t let things go, suicidal, obsessive fear of falling, and usage of the word “phony.” Puh-lease. Never again.

Forgotten, by Cat Patrick (finished Jan. 25, 2012). Verdict: Huge logical fallacies, awfully handled insta-love, awkward sudden insertion of brother, lots of things that didn’t make sense, too much talk about boys and too little talk about anything else, horrible characterization, disgusting prose (“playfully shouts,” “smooth male voice” (x238954), “shivers run down my spine” (x345856)) dialogue that did not work, London Lane is not a name, and… when will this torture stop? This reading challenge is killing me.

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