About the Blog

Dear Reader,

This blog began when my last blog died. It is my life story; my love story. It is told in a series of letters to no one, although I will always name that no one. I understand if you do not understand–perhaps all you must do is look around? Perhaps you should never have ventured here, for deep in the wilderness lies my heart.

But if you do continue, I commend you. It is a brave soul who wanders into my lair. And perhaps, at the end of the day, you will be rewarded. I write about reading, writing, and believing. I write about all manner of intellectual things. And sometimes, I also write about spiritual things.

This whole venture began when some friends of mine said that I ought to blog and that they would follow my blog, someone told me that everyone ought to have me as an editor, and then somebody else began pestering me for my thoughts on everything in life. And then I discovered the community of teenage writers who blog, and it all sort of collided and I was saying “wait! But I can bring this all together in a blog of mine as well!”

Here I write letters to authors long dead, fictional characters long loved, and childhood friends lost. I also write letters to authors still living, fictional villains much pitied, and current acquaintances of mine. Sometimes I tell stories, sometimes I tell lies. But often, I tell nothing but the truth. For the truth will set you free.


Alouette Kim

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