Truth No. 4: Scholastic is… over?!!!!

Dear Mothy (for lack of an actual recipient),

No, this letter actually has nothing to do with you. However, you were the first person that popped into my head when I thought about this post, so alas: it is dedicated to you and your songs.

It isn’t just that my weekend homework load was the weirdest thing ever (three English assignments, three global assignments, and three language assignments? What?) or that I’m a week behind on everything in general thanks to Scholastic. It’s that new things are happening, and a lot of things are finally ending. As Scholastic deadlines approached for most regions, I found myself flooded by sudden and unexpected last-minute critique requests. I’m so sorry to all non-Scholastic-related editing requests that I should’ve sent back last week but instead sat around while I tried to get through pages of poetry/short stories/memoirs/etc. for Scholastic entrants. Seriously. I owe you all for not sending me hate mail and stalking me. If it makes you feel any better, Scholastic didn’t just put me behind on your stories; it also put me behind in school and classes and whatnot. Whatnot being everything that’s been going on: FRC (robotics) kickoff, proctoring a three-hour test, bracing myself for the upcoming midterms, studying for science bowl and USABO, and practicing flute.

Today I finally edited my first story since Scholastic submissions. It was an interesting narrative about fratricide with some rather elegant writing and lovely characterization. The arc of the story could do with a bit of work, but overall I was most definitely impressed. I’m hoping to finally wrap up pre-scholastic stories that I’m behind on by the end of this week so that I don’t have to worry about editing over midterms week (which would be just awful). The mad rush to submit for Scholastic was… incredibly surprising, to say the least. And yes, I know, I’ve been babbling about this for a while, but seriously. I edited >25 pieces the week and a half before Scholastic. And now I have this huge migraine that may or may not be related to the fact that I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning.

I also have a bunch of post ideas ranging from one about the odd dream I had a few nights ago regarding the relationship between Truth and writing to one pondering whether or not I should bother participating in the NACLO (North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad). Of course, there’s also the TCWT blog chain post that I need to write. I’m super excited about it because I actually managed to choose one book that changed my life. Then there’s the fact that I really need to post about FRC. Robotics is this amazing sport (yes, I consider it a sport) that nobody seems to know much about–but in reality, it is one of the coolest, most exciting/satisfying/challenging/collaborative things that I’ve ever done, so… yeah. You can look forward to posts about that as the season progresses.

This is an awful letter. I’m sorry. It’s just… going twenty hours without sleep is not really my thing, and I’m really exhausted. Tomorrow you can expect a more energetic post from me as I begin reading The Hobbit with Kirsten from Kirsten Writes (or not, if I have to stay in the city past seven for robotics).



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11 thoughts on “Truth No. 4: Scholastic is… over?!!!!

  1. Read. The Hobbit. Now. xD

  2. Your homework gives me a headache just thinking about it… and I’m really excited about staring The Hobbit!

    • I got a headache doing my homework! xD
      And now… lots and lots of math homework….

      • What math class do you take? My Geometry class is the most boring thing ever. We spent a week learning how to prove congruent triangles. And people are failing that class. *Sigh*

      • I’m taking a class called “ninth grade extended honors math”… >.< My school doesn't do anything in order, and so the curriculum is mostly algebra II and geometry with some hints of trigonometry. The class focuses on the relationship between geometry and algebra, and my teacher is absolutely amazing. People are probably failing the class, but that doesn’t stop her from moving forward quickly! Right now we’re learning about conic sections, and it’s really fun.

      • That’s really cool. I wish my school has math like that.

      • :( Maybe next year? Because honestly, it all depends on the teacher. Regardless of what the curriculum is, great teachers find ways to engage all of their students.


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