Truth No. 3: New Year’s resolutions are still a THING.

Dear Myself,

Apparently New Year’s Resolutions haven’t gone out of fashion, and people still sit down at the beginning of the year to make lists of things they wish they would do. I suppose this is a bit late, but oh well. Better late than never!

This year my main goal is to stop failing at life. This is a very general statement, but I think it’s a valid one. I myself have never submitted writing to any competitions, managed to drop a textbook on my global teacher’s foot on the first day of school, lost (and found) my phone at least sixteen times, and read hardly anything at all with the exception of that one week during camp of last year. As a result, I would like to stop failing life.

In order to aid me in this endeavor, I will attempt to do the following:

  1. Write every day, revise extensively, and submit at least one piece of writing to at least one legitimate competition.
  2. Be a more responsible student and suck up to all my teachers, even if that means acting as if Sparknotes is the best thing since Celtic Rock.
  3. Stop losing things, and continue finding things. Keep my life more organized.
  4. Read more.
  5. Find some form of exercise, and stay healthy.
  6. Study for tests.
  7. Sleep more than five hours a night.
  8. Stop hoping that people will change for the better, because that kind of thing only happens in books.
  9. Be smart.
  10. Stay safe.

The resolutions that as of right now I actually think I might be able to keep are 1, 4, and 10.

Some things that I would love to happen in the coming year but are almost certainly not happening are:

  1. Getting better grades (as of now it appears that my grades are dropping).
  2. Winning at science bowl regionals (it’s open field, so I’ll be competing against seniors…).
  3. Making a good impression on of all my teachers.
  4. Revising a piece of writing until I am proud of it.
  5. Getting to FRC (First Robotics Competition) internationals.
  6. Scoring perfectly on the National Latin Exam (because there’s always that one geography question I don’t know).
  7. Scoring respectably on the AMC (American Mathematics Competition) 10.
  8. Finding a lab to work in over the summer.
  9. Blogging every day.
  10. Scoring perfectly on the PSAT.

Five things I am not loking forward to in 2013:

  1. Pulling all-nighters for school.
  2. Six more months with my English teacher.
  3. Homework, tests, term papers, and other school-related work.
  4. Failing at life in general.
  5. Losing more things and being disorganized.

Five things I am looking forward to in 2013:

  1. Robotics
  2. Reading and Writing
  3. Science bowl
  4. Meeting more published authors.
  5. Summer vacation!

So there it is! Lists and lists of things I ought to do, want to do, can’t do, might do, and must do.

Alouette Kim

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