Memory No. 1: Ten memorable things.

Dear 2012,

You were a monster of a year. Being thirteen was a strange but unremarkable experience, and it has left me on the verge of new beginnings. Here are some of the ten most memorable things about you.

10. Discovering the wonder that is German opera.

9. Doing over 160 hours of community service.

8. Scoring in the 99th percentile for college-bound seniors on a practice SAT. I swear it was a fluke. Now I just need to do as well on the real thing in junior year….

7. Discovering the beauty of ancient mathematics from the days before the Cartesian plane.

6. Performing a Korean masked dance.

5. Taking a class on dystopian literature.

4. Learning Chinese and Slovak for the first time and discovering Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis.

3.  Taking my first college composition class ever! I learned an incredible amount about creative writing from this course.

2. Building a model car.

1. Interrogating Holly Black on how plot works in a fantasy novel, eating vegan brownies with Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner, asking Rose Fox about the process of editing fiction, and getting lots of free books.

Yes, I cheated a bit there at the end with the four-in-one thing. Oh well! xD

Best (and Goodbye),


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6 thoughts on “Memory No. 1: Ten memorable things.

  1. Why is your life so much cooler than mine? Congratulations on everything, and I hope that 2013 is just as awesome.

    • Thank you for the compliment?, but my life only appears cooler when you’re thinking about the things I’ve done that you haven’t. Now, let’s think about the things you’ve done that I haven’t:
      Been part of an eighth grade graduation ceremony. Also, YOU. HAVE. FIELD DAY. //lucky
      Interned at a literary agency.
      Thought up a TCWT blog chain topic.
      Studied French (in addition to Latin).
      Managed to blog 400 posts and gain lots and lots of followers.
      Everything else cool in your life that I don’t know about.
      BTW I just looked up the Lizzie Bennet Diaries you were talking about, and… a) the book I’m reading next is SO going to be Pride and Prejudice. b) It looks as if I have something new to fangirl about. D:

      I hope you have an awesome 2013 as well!!

      • Just so you know, all the Lizzie Bennet Diaries characters have Twitters. And Tumblrs. And it will suck up your life. I think it’s just awesome to be able to see what other people experience and celebrate awesome things. Also, we have field day, but it’s boring. And hot. And boring.

      • Awesome things are cool. ^^
        I have so much work this weekend… preliminary research for global, a huuuuuge art project due Tuesday (which I’ve done very little of), and, among other things, my Scholastic submission.
        >.< It's due Tuesday, and I wrote the story less than a week ago. I wouldn't have decided to submit, but all my friends are doing it, and plus it's one less New Year's resolution for me to deal with. :-| Which means that I need to spend the weekend slaving over it. At least it's only 2,000 or so words.
        My life is being consumed by homework and procrastination.

      • Aww. If it makes you feel any better, I procrastinated so much, I had to to an entire huge science project (that involved teaching to the class for three days) in about three weeks. It was terrible. But your thing is way worse.

      • That science project sounds so awesome! xD
        I’m in a state of shock right now because they just announced that this year for FRC our robot should be able to throw frisbees and climb a steel pyramid thingy…. >.<


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